Main Media helps you find the best way to market your organisation and give your product or service the appearance it needs. As you only get one chance for a first impression, you want to come across just right.  We deliver the total package; from logo’s to a complete corporate identity, and printing matter to websites.
And if you are already satisfied with the look and feel of what you have, but seek ways to extend your image into different media: Main Media takes care of the optimal integration.

The websites we build come with a user friendly CMS (Content Management System) so that managing your website’s content yourself becomes a piece of cake.

The possibilities for websites, web-applications and printing are endless. So let’s meet and talk about how we can help!

A few options:


Corporate Identity / Logo / Graphic

Logo, business cards, letterheads and envelopes. The whole package!

Just a new logo or a refreshed version of your current one?

There are a lot of options! We do infographics and digital flyers for online purposes.


Our own CMS is excellent for websites with basic modules and elements. Please let us know if you want more info about the options we offer.

Liberiser is a brand new CMS that we love to work with. It offers unlimited number of options and support 24/7.

Wordpress is an amazing open-source Content Management System and we know how to work with it!


Besides designing a whole Corporate Indentity, we also deliver the printed elements like business cards, letterheads and envelopes.

Album artwork and other product packaging.

Promotional prints for concerts or other events or product presentations.


Video can be the perfect way to introduce your company or team. Or maybe it’s the best way to show your product or service?

A videoclip can make your audiotrack give that extra ambiance. It’s a great way to gain some online presence.

We capture live events of all sorts. Our portfolio offers some examples.

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People & products we ♥ working with

A team of designers and marketeers with a social conscience.

Liberiser is a fairly new CMS with tons of options and excellent support.

Motivo is a great team of web developers with a lot of expertise.