Thank you for taking the time to unwrap your “present”! Please click on the image below:


I love the content you have on your website and I feel there is a way to present it even better. Therefore I have made a website design, as my gift to you, that shows a possible new EHX homepage. Please see this as a sketch.

The area that contains the purple header, could contain slides with new products or a link to an important event or news item.

There are many possibilities to make this fit your (and your clients) needs. We could add a blog or newsfeed and make links to several social media websites.

I really would like to hear if you are interested in my work as a web designer. I would love to get involved with the things you do and make this website a reality!

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8011 CZ Zwolle info@mainmedia.nl
KVK: 05086219 mainmedia.nl

People & products we ♥ working with

A team of designers and marketeers with a social conscience.

Liberiser is a fairly new CMS with tons of options and excellent support.

Motivo is a great team of web developers with a lot of expertise.